Levellers: Introduction

Levellers | A wiki for collaboratively developing left-wing policy for rural Scotland.

Welcome to the Levellers Wiki

This is a sort of loose online thinktank for the radical left in rural Scotland.

Latest additions

Everything is new

And in fact there's not much here yet. The software is also new and may break; if it does, please contact Simon.

Come and join in

This isn't an 'anybody can edit it' wiki; it's a bunch of people all of whom more or less know each other, trying to get a consistent policy platform together. But we aren't seeking to be exclusive. If you'd like to join the editing group, please contact Simon.

Please feel free to use our ideas

This is not a party political wiki, although some of us may be members of the Greens, the SNP, RISE, or other parties. We'd be very pleased if any party adopted policy we develop.

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