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Levellers | A wiki for collaboratively developing left-wing policy for rural Scotland.

# Welcome to Smeagol!

# Welcome to the Levellers Wiki

Smeagol is a simple Wiki engine inspired by [Gollum](https://github.com/gollum/gollum/wiki). Gollum is a Wiki engine written in Ruby, which uses a number of simple text formats including [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/), which uses [Git](http://git-scm.com/) to provide versioning and backup. I needed a new Wiki for a project and thought Gollum would be ideal - but unfortunately it doesn't provide user authentication, which I needed, and it was simpler for me to reimplement the bits I did need in Clojure than to modify Gollum.

This is a sort of loose online thinktank for the radical left in rural Scotland.

So at this stage Smeagol is a Wiki engine written in Clojure which uses Markdown as its text format, which does have user authentication, and which uses Git as its versioning and backup system.

## Latest additions

## DLL Hell

* [[Reinventing school milk]]

* [[Land Rights and Responsibilities 2016 Consultation Responses]]

* [[The Standingstone Model]]

* [[Scottish Government consultation 2014 Consultation Responses]]

* [[Diggers]]

* [[Birnam workshop]]

* [[Holding size]]

* [[Local Government: key policy issues]]

Unfortunately, Smeagol currently uses **[clj-jgit](https://github.com/clj-jgit/clj-jgit)** for Git integration, and **clj-jgit** depends on an obsolete version (0.5.3) of **org.clojure/core.memoize**, whereas other components of the system rely on the current (0.5.6) version. This conflict currently makes it tricky to do an out-of-the-box build of Smeagol. You need to check out clj-jgit and build a custom build, depending on the current, not the obsolete, version of memoize. I'm working to fix this problem.

## Everything is new

## Markup syntax

And in fact there's not much here yet. The software is also new and may break; if it does, please contact [[Simon]].

Smeagol uses the Markdown format as provided by [markdown-clj](https://github.com/yogthos/markdown-clj), with the addition that anything enclosed in double square brackets, \[\[like this\]\], will be treated as a link into the wiki.

## Come and join in

## Security and authentication

This isn't an 'anybody can edit it' wiki; it's a bunch of people all of whom more or less know each other, trying to get a consistent policy platform together. But we aren't seeking to be exclusive. If you'd like to join the editing group, please contact [[Simon]].

Currently security is very weak. There is currently a file called *passwd* in the *resources/public* directory, which contains a clojure map of which maps username to maps with plain-text passwords and emails thus:

## Please feel free to use our ideas

{:admin {:password "admin" :email "admin@localhost"}

:adam {:password "secret" :email "adam@localhost"}}

that is to say, the username is a keyword and the corresponding password is a string. Obviously, this is a temporary solution while in development which I will fix later.

## Todo

* Currently, you need to do a 'git init' in the *resources/public/content* directory to initialise a git repository there - it should automatically create one if none exists, but does not currently do this;

* Image (and other media) upload;

* Improved editor. The editor is at present very primitive - right back from the beginnings of the Web. It would be nice to have a rich embedded editor like [Hallo](https://github.com/bergie/hallo) or [Aloha](http://aloha-editor.org/Content.Node/index.html) but I haven't (yet) had time to integrate them!

* Improved security. Having the passwords in plain text rather than encrypted is just basically poor; having the passwd file in *public* space is also poor (although I believe it cannot be accessed via HTTP). Essentially, authentication mechanisms should be pluggable, and at present they aren't;

* Mechanism to add users through the user interface;

* Mechanism to change passwords through the user interface;

## License

Copyright © 2014 Simon Brooke. Licensed under the GNU General Public License,

version 2.0 or (at your option) any later version.

## Editing the framing content

You can edit the [[\_left-bar]], the [[\_edit-left-bar]], and the [[\_header]].

This is not a party political wiki, although some of us may be members of the Greens, the SNP, RISE, or other parties. We'd be very pleased if any party adopted policy we develop.

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