Levellers: Birnam: Thinking outside the box

Levellers | A wiki for collaboratively developing left-wing policy for rural Scotland.

these are very rough notes taken while facilitating the session - they may get tidied up later

Those present

Discussion notes

Wild land - 'kind of artificial - remains of settlements'

Settled land not necessarily to the detriment of wildlife Enrich the soul of the place

Populating the countryside needs infrastructure

Houses being demolished when tenancies become vacant.

Important to think of urban communities as well

Increase Hutting! Hutting might also protect greenbelt.

Moving to the vision

250 hectares

Land Value Tax - progressive

Confiscate all land not in the land registry

Fiscal is the way to go - make it uneconomic to own large amounts of land.

How does Denmark prevent large estates?

Creative activism!

Be radical, even if not viable!

Trident is a particularly bad use of land!

Very much higher taxation for second homes/compulsory purchase of second homes

No large private estates under any circumstances

People have to stay somewhere; need to have intimacy with that place and security in it. Community of land is a good thing; balance between public and private interest

Ownership should be limited - limited rights to the land

Individuals should have security in their land - does it need to be heritable?

Difference in heritability between residential property and non-residential land - greater claim for residential land to be heritable

Fiscal system which prevents property in land being a way of passing on wealth - 'how we invest in land in non-toxic ways'

The land belongs to none of us - there should be no property in land.

Secure tenure required for investment

Land settlement legislation 1919 act - could still be applied - develop schemes to locate, acquire and settle land.

Crowd-source who owns Scotland - Landypedia

Important to make sure the land holding review gets incorporated into the Land Reform Act, not treated separately.

If you own a lot of land you have a lot of privilege, so you should pay a lot of tax. If the tax isn't paid, confiscate the land.

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