Levellers: Editing Guidelines

Levellers | A wiki for collaboratively developing left-wing policy for rural Scotland.

Who are we?

Policy development should not be an anonymous process. If we're going to put forward policy I believe that we should say who we are, and what our interests/viewpoints are. I will add a link from the left hand bar for everyone who is authorised to edit this Wiki; please provide a short biography on your own author page; also, please don't edit other people's author pages.

Keeping organised

Wikis are always freeform and can easily get out of control. In order that anything you add doesn't become hard to find, please add a link to any new page you create into the 'Topic area' pages linked from the left hand bar. Indeed, the easiest way to add a page is to edit the appropriate topic page, add a link to your (not yet existing) new page, save the topic page, then open it and click on the link.


There are formatting hints in the left bar when you are editing. More generally, this Wiki uses Markdown format as provided by markdown-clj, with the addition that anything enclosed in double square brackets, [[like this]], will be treated as an internal link into the wiki.

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