Levellers: Programme for Birnam Workshop

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Workshop sessions

Period one (12:00-14:00)Period two (14:30-16:00)
Topic Birnam: Demonstrating long term commitment to land reform Birnam: Improving the transparency and accountability of land ownership
FacilitatorAmanda BurgauerDuncan McCabe
RapporteurAlison MacleodIan Cowan
Bear in mind
  • Implications for taxation;
  • implications for local government
TopicBirnam: Addressing barriers to sustainable development and begin to diversify patterns of land ownershipBirnam: Demonstrating commitment to effectively manage land and rights in land for the common good
FacilitatorRuth StraussGreg Brown
RapporteurRobert LewisJude Frankau
Bear in mind
  • Extension of crofting;
  • the crofting economy and part-time agriculture;
  • Maximum size of holdings
  • Flavours of tenure: life rent, usufruct.
  • Community management of commons.
TopicBirnam: Addressing specific aspects of land ownership and rightsBirnam: Thinking outside the box
FacilitatorJanet MoxleySimon Brooke
RapporteurHamish NeilsonJacqui Calder
Bear in mindThis is an opportunity for us to discuss issues which go far beyond the government's proposals and to be genuinely radical.

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