The Fool on the Hill: Blog

The Fool on the Hill: Blog

This is the personal blog of me, Simon Brooke.

A picture of me hanging out in my wood

I'm a retired former entrepreneur and geek, now mostly a crofter. I'm autistic, and also have long term clinical depression. I'm interested in and engaged in Scottish and anarcho-syndicalist politics, in thinking about how we avoid catastrophic climate change and ecocide, and how we build a good society.

I live (to an adequate degree of precision) near 55° north, 4° west, in an intentional community.

My credo: Life is harsh. What we can do — and what we should do — is strive to make it less harsh for the people around us.

You will find me on

Semper in faecibus sumus; sole profundam variat.

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