This page shows thumbnails of some paintings and drawings. Most of them are more or less unpleasant. Larger versions of these are avialble, but may be slow to load depending on the speed of your link. Sizes in kilobytes are given to allow you to judge. Click on the thumbnail to view.

'after the battle'

[*] ink on cartridge paper, 08/02/82 (6Kb)


[*] ink on cartridge paper, 03/01/83 (4 Kb)

'dead sea'

[*] watercolour on stretched paper, 12/02/95 (61Kb)


[*] watercolour, 22/07/79 (detail) (27Kb)

'enigma #3/death on air #4'

[*] ink on cartridge paper, 08/11/81 (16Kb)

'fair sister'

[*] ink and watercolout on stretched paper, 27/09/86 (detail) (53Kb)


[*] watercolour, 21/04/78 (25Kb)


[*] watercolour and ink on stretched paper, 16/09/94 (54Kb)

'windscale/lament for the sea'

[*] watercolour on stretched paper, 20/02/84 (36Kb)